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New containers/studio arrival

Two new 20 ft shipping containers arrived yesterday, one will be for my wife, to create her painting studio, the other will become my tool storage, and eventually create a space for my wheel. I’ll build a roof with overhang on back where electric kiln will reside , but in the meantime it is also a place to keep my barrel and Raku kiln from sight






3 thoughts on “New containers/studio arrival

  1. awesome! I have a space for my studio now but have thought that in the future the use of such containers. I thought it awesome that people have made homes with them! What is the usual price for a container if you dont mind me asking? Ive looked into steel building structures and theyre not as costly as wood and plaster and are up in 2 days!

    • In landlocked AZ. The best price I could find was 2200.00 per 20 ft unit , then had to have a crane place them , so for the 2 it was 5200.00 and the electrician is coming in the next day or so , as I refuse to do electric :)
      On our way to. A habitat for humanity restore today to look for used windows, and a door for my wife’s studio

  2. I mean I dont know what price to compare that to but it sounds like a good price. I wouldnt mind paying that if it came down to it. I agree with the electric aspect haha.

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