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,Hi, I’m John, , a while ago  I was introduced to the wheel and a ball of clay, and have since found myself in front of a wheel or a kiln five or six days a week , I am blessed with the opportunity to play with clay almost every day. Some days in class at Sedona Arts Center, other days at a  private studio,in some friends home.  Yes , I am blessed  . I live in Sedona , AZ. With my lovely wife Sheron, a fellow artist , painter and live an awesome life , so on these pages you will get to see all about my experience with clay . I enjoy learning about all kinds of firings , and have a pit and a barrel kiln on my property, with a small Raku kiln on its way . Both studios I throw at have electric kilns , and the art center also has a great Raku kiln and  is looking into a reduction kiln . My clay experience is rich with equipment , opportunities ,and wonderful people who guide me and push me on my way

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  1. Hi John! I’m so glad you posted on my blog so I could discover you :) Your work is beautiful and I look forward to following you and seeing your passion grow. We have similar firing practices and interests so this should be fun!

    • yes, i actuall just got a skutt electric kiln to add to my hobo camp, of raku kiln and downdraft barrel kiln, so i can get alot of my firing done at home studio. some friends closed there studio and fri a moving truck showed up and dropped it in my yard , so i am frantically trying to find a place for everything :) quality problems

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