And so it goes

Well , after two weeks in an rv park , we headed for the woods . Just came back from 2 weeks up by stoneman lake .thankfully we were close to help . We had the water line blow out on the on demand hot water heater . Learned that the first three feet coming out should be copper , not pex. Lesson learned . And we found that unless we pay attention , 100 gal of water can disappear quickly .

The solar is working awesome and I have some experiments to do with increasing wire size to inverter so maybe it will actually run something more than a water pic.

All in all fun is being had , learning the new ways of life , coming to really appreciate hot water and a shower . Been going woodsman for the past three weeks cause it was a little chilly up the hill , now we are down in some warmer weather and can lather up

Well, it’s been a while

So , I’ve been kinda sidetracked the last little bit and I’m going to try to be a bit more regular , since I’ve taken the leap and gone with full time cellular internet boosters and all .

We sold our house and we’re planning to move into bus and get her seaworthy , but the oil pump was being rebuilt piece by piece , so it was another 16 days before we got her back . And a trashed friendship .

So, we’ve been in the bus for almost three weeks , the last two in a rv park in camp verde az . Getting all the systems on order . Water is now all good , ac works when on generator or shore power had to replace the propane regulator and I’m getting used to the instant hot water thing for showers , we’ve been cooking and the fridge is keeping it cool on 95 degree days

Here are some pics , as we finally got it insured as a motor home today , and had to have film for them

The next adventure

Since shutting down the ceramics , and my wife shutting down her painting studio she

and I have decided to get a school bus and convert it to a skoolie , and hit the road and go off the grid for a bit

A sad day as Trial by Fire shuts the doors permanently



(Sans studio!)

1 Brent CXC Wheel

Extra set of brushes for motor ~ Wheel stool

Chucks ~24-14” Amaco bats ~ Assorted 20” & 24” bats ~

Padded trimming bats 

1 Skutt KM 1027 Electric Kiln

(240 volt 1 phase 48 amps – fires to cone 10. Including all kiln shelving & furniture. PLUS an extra thermal coupler.)

1 Front Loading Raku Kiln

Stainless steel body ~ exclusively hand crafted by Sedona based kiln builder. 

Includes cans, tongs and more. 

1 100# Propane Tank (½ full)

Regulator, hose, burner and burner stand. 

9 years worth of accumulated chemicals, glazes, pottery tools & equipment.

10-15 pounds of dry raku glazes.

10 different glazes exclusive for electric kiln.



$2700.00 Firm

(Will not break up)


928 284 2536