Fresh from the kiln, sold while still warm

So , I am blown away.These two canisters, mugs and 16 small teacups (not pictured ) went to trailhead tea in Sedona AZ today . All except large black canister fresh out of the kiln this morning. Didn’t even have time to get photos of the tea cups I just took the canisters in to see if they might be interested , for the teas they sell , and they bought them both on the spot




Blown Away

so , last thurs. i opened my first home firing of the kiln i recently aquired, inside were , among other things 32 mugs and tea cups . today i have only the two that my wife and i claimed for ourselves . while 10 were commisioned , i am still kind odf amazed they all went so fast. i was planning on putting a few on my etsy shop to see if they would sell better than my “art” pieces , but i dont have any left to do that with . all i can really say is wow!